Science subject leader

The PLAN assessment resources include a range of resources that are designed to support science subject leaders to implement effective and robust assessment systems. The resources for science subject leaders are set out below.

If you are not familiar with the PLAN assessment resources and how they support the planning and assessment of science, you may want to read our Introduction to PLAN.

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PLAN Progression in knowledge

This document shows the links between the topics taught in different year groups, so that you can easily check that teachers are covering the correct content for their year group.

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PLAN Knowledge matrices

These documents will enable you to monitor or support teachers with planning topics in year groups that you are less familiar with teaching.

Progression in working scientifically sk

PLAN Progression in working scientifically skills

These documents will enable you to monitor progression of the working scientifically skills through the school.

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PLAN CPD resources

The range of CPD resources can be used for your personal development or with teachers during CPD sessions.  

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