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PLAN Examples of work

These documents provide examples of work that meet the expectations of the knowledge statements for each topic from each year of the science National Curriculum in England. For each topic of the science National Curriculum for England, the PLAN Examples of work show the work of one pupil who meets the requirements of the knowledge statements for that topic. Reviewing the examples of work for your year-group, in advance of assessing your pupils, will help you identify children that are not meeting the expectations. You can then provide those children with additional opportunities to gain the necessary knowledge.

Members of the Association for Science Education (ASE) have access to some additional PLAN Examples of work which are available on their website.


The activities featured in the PLAN Examples of work are one way of delivering the content for the topic but they are not intended to illustrate a definitive way of teaching those statements.

To download the examples of work for a particular topic for a particular year-group, click on the topic in the table below.


If you wish to download all the topics for a particular year-group, use the carousel below the table.

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