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The PLAN primary science resources include a range of resources that are designed to support teachers to implement effective planning and robust assessment. The resources for teachers are set out below.

If you are not familiar with the PLAN primary science resources and how they support planning and assessment, you may want to read our Introduction to PLAN.

Knowledge Matrices Y1.jpg

PLAN Knowledge matrices

These documents will enable you to have a clear understanding of the expectations of the science National Curriculum in England.


PLAN Vocabulary posters

Based on the PLAN Progression in Vocabulary, there are separate A3 posters for each topic in each year-group. The posters feature the new vocabulary pupils need to be taught and learn to use, and the prior learning and vocabulary from this topic in previous year-groups and other linked topics.

Working scientifically matrix -

PLAN Working scientifically matrices

These documents provide additional guidance that clarifies the working scientifically statements from the science National Curriculum for England.

PLAN Examples of Work Y6 Light FV.jpg

PLAN Examples of work

These documents provide examples of work that meet the expectations of the knowledge statements for each topic from each year of the science National Curriculum for England.

PLAN EYFS Matrices.jpg

PLAN EYFS resources

The PLAN EYFS resources have been developed to support early years teachers introduce children to the foundational knowledge of science, included in the Statutory Framework for the Early Years and Development Matters.

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