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PLAN Knowledge matrices

This document (see example topic below) will enable you to monitor or support teachers with planning topics in year groups that you are less familiar with teaching.

For each topic of the science National Curriculum for each year group, this document includes a matrix that provides:


  • the key learning and vocabulary that the children need to have acquired

  • examples of possible activities that enable pupils to learn or apply the knowledge

  • examples of possible evidence that would indicate that children are secure in the learning and vocabulary.


Where appropriate, common misconceptions that the children may have are included to alert the teacher to be aware of these.

When children have engaged in sufficient activities to have become secure in the required knowledge, it is time to reflect on their learning. Children that are not secure can then be given additional activities to provide them with further opportunities to show that they are secure, possibly gathering evidence in a different way, for example verbally in a small group context. Children that are secure can be given enrichment activities to broaden their thinking, while being careful not to stray into the content taught in later years.

To download this document, visit the Resources section.

Knowledge Matrices Y1.jpg
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