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Plants (Y2)

Prior learning

  • Identify and name a variety of common wild and garden plants, including deciduous and evergreen trees. (Y1 - Plants)

  • Identify and describe the basic structure of a variety of common flowering plants, including trees. (Y1 - Plants)

Future learning

  • Identify and describe the functions of different parts of flowering plants: roots, stem/trunk, leaves and flowers. (Y3 - Plants)

  • Explore the requirements of plants for life and growth (air, light, water, nutrients from soil, and room to grow) and how they vary from plant to plant. (Y3 - Plants)

  • Investigate the way in which water is transported within plants. (Y3 - Plants)

  • Explore the part that flowers play in the life cycle of flowering plants, including pollination, seed formation and seed dispersal. (Y3 - Plants)

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